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From the post A New Year

I have to start off by saying I love the name Chaya Mushka and the fact that it means "the spice of life." I will certainly have to name a set of beads after Chaya Mushka. Thanks for sharing that with us. LOVE IT!

On a more serious note I have two parts of this post that I would like to share on.

The first is from these words...

"When we remember to let G-d do His thing, and we just focus on doing our thing, then change becomes much more fluid, much more peaceful. In other words, life's gonna change regardless. How I deal with change is all in my head."

For me it is ALWAYS that darn "remember" word that gets in my way. If I could just remember to do EVERYTHING I have learned all the time, well, wishful thinking. That fact is I am human and do need to put into place ways of being mindful so I can "let G-d do His thing" and stay out of the way. There is such comfort in that process. And how true, life is going to change, I can not stop those changes. Those changes that I resist are usually what is best for me and I could not even see it. It is only in hindsight that I realize the change was good for me. So to get out of the way and focus on doing my thing allows the process to be "fluid" and "peaceful." Now I just need to "remember."

The second part in this post that jumps out at me is...

"Having a head of change also means being able to quickly let go of opinions that I fought so hard to hold on to. I ask G-d to give me the maturity to realize when my outlook has been wrong and to quickly, gracefully move away from old ideas and thoughts."

Wow! I need this repeated to me regularly. For my closest relationship, which is with my husband, I need to use these words. I can daily ask "God give me the maturity to realize when my outlook is wrong and to be open to new thoughts and ideas." Done, new morning prayer. But the part that gets me is "that I fought so hard to hold on to." The visual I get from those words is not pretty. It is so much easier to let go. I just need help getting there. Pray hard.

Thank you Rabbi Taub!

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