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I think the biggest thing I learned from Gail's posts is the difference between affirmative prayer and visioning. In some ways it reminds me of when they say prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. These are the two lines that really spoke to me...
"In this process you becomes centered in your intuitive mind, opening to God’s ever-present inspiration and guidance, and ask that God enlighten you on some need or desire. This is a conscious act of being open to the best God has for you."
I always want to remain open to the best that God has for me. As I am human I frequently fall into the trap of thinking I know what is best for me.

Another thing I love is specific instructions. I love and need instruction. Whenever there are instructions I follow them. Even when I do things around the house I like instructions. How to get a ink stain out of a wool carpet? I look for instructions. How to make a cornice for my window? I look for instructions. And for anyone else like me looking to learn how to deeper connect with their HP instructions for the visioning process is a gift.

Thanks Gail!

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