A Simple Gift

The Gift of

A Conversation with a Wise Man

We are all on the same path, headed for the same ultimate destination. Some began the journey sooner, some later. There are of course crossroads and interchanges that take us off in directions that lead nowhere or that after much traverse bring us back to the path upon which we began.

With this understanding;

Be kind to one another.

Do not judge or condemn for this inevitably results in bitterness and remorse

Rather honor and respect each other Recognize that it is a privilege to interact

with each person that crosses your path.

Esteem given to others most assuredly fuels the esteem of self.

Time is precious, each moment an opportunity to be more, to do more, to love more. Service to our fellows is time not wasted on self and always reaps great reward.

Acceptance of what is - will always lead to a state of inner balance and harmony;

Acceptance does not mean agreement or acquiescence, it does not suggest

complacency - it does not imply that inaction in the face of injustice is even a

choice to be considered.

Acceptance provides a platform for clear headed, assertive address of life’s


Acceptance is one of the greatest personal characteristics.

Be patient; everything in this world is governed by the law of seedtime and

harvest time.Though a sprig of parsley may sprout quickly it also withers in the

face of the slightest adversity. An oak tree takes years to develop and is able to

withstand the fiercest of storms.

Never be haughty, pride inevitably destroys relationships and is never attractive.
Rather allow humility to be your guiding principle. Once a good deed has been done,once a kindness shown,retreat back into the shadows seeking nothing in return.

Allow yourself, in fact encourage yourself to continuously grow, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually. Though this requires constant change it is a key in
becoming and remaining happy.

Let your love flow unabated to the world. When given without reservation,
without any condition it will be like a river of living water that cannot be depleted.

Trust that there is a source of all things and that by connecting to that source
you will eventually lack no good thing.



indistinct said...

Hey, thank you.

The post is timely and appreciated. Compassion for our fellow travellers doesn't come naturally to me. Thank you for pointing out the path.

Anonymous said...

I wonder just what Denny can do about this!