What I Learned from Carol Ann Preston

From her post Listening to God

If you have not read her post you may be wondering what a dog has to do with prayer and meditation. Well Carol Ann taught me what I have heard a million times. "In all our affairs."

"When we retire at night" is the line of discussion in her post Listening to God. Those resentments which we carry will make us sick.

My experience is that with a few years of recovery under my belt I have really worked through all the BIG resentments. Those I carried for years. If they pop up I know immediately and can work through them quickly. But what I, like Carol Ann forget is "when we retire at night" to look for and at those small resentments over silly things. Usually my evening prayers are for others and towards the character defect du jour. When reading her post I realized I have never prayed for those small resentments like my son not picking up after himself or my husband leaving my gas tank on E just for me. Yes I just MIGHT need to look at myself and how those little life resentments contribute to my character defects.

It is amazing how much I can learn from others when I open myself up. How things seem so much simpler when the Steps are applied.

So tonight I pray for my husband, son and yes our doggies too. For I know the resentment of the dog hair, chewed shoes, vet bills and constant care needed. I also, like Carol Ann know the blessings these animals bring, the laughter, the company and unconditional love. For all the unimportant resentments such as walking in the cold and rain, picking up dirty laundry and wiping yet another crumby counter, I will pray. I will remember to be grateful.

Thank you Carol Ann!

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