What I Learned from David L. Byrd

From his post A Simple Gift

I keyed in on the word acceptance.

"Acceptance of what is - will always lead to a state of inner balance and harmony;

Acceptance does not mean agreement or acquiescence, it does not suggest complacency - it does not imply that inaction in the face of injustice is even a
choice to be considered.

Acceptance provides a platform for clear headed, assertive address of life’s

Acceptance is one of the greatest personal characteristics."
When I am practicing acceptance what serenity it brings. Notice I said "when I am practicing acceptance." With some things it seems to come fairly easily. Can't do much about the weather. Acceptance. Can't change who my family is. Acceptance. But when it comes to the people closest to me why is it such a struggle? I am a mother, I want good things for my child. He is now a teenager and what he thinks is "good" and what I think is "good" are from alternate universes. So where is the acceptance? It is out there waiting for me. It takes me some time to get there but ultimately when it comes to others I don't have much of a choice. Acceptance IS the key. Getting there quicker is my goal.

David's words describing acceptance are extremely helpful. I am always in such awe of people who can us words to describe things. What a gift to help people understand a concept clearly. I will gladly accept A Simple Gift and hopefully will be able to pass those concepts on to another with clarity.

Thank you David!

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