The Visioning Process

A process about which we have been hearing a great deal these days is what has come to be known as Visioning. It differs from affirmative prayer in the following way:

Affirmative prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment) is a proactive process where you move your consciousness to a place of acceptance for something you want to experience or acquire. It is a process for letting God, as Universal Law, know specifically what you want. Important questions, however, are: “Do I even know what I want?” Or, “Is what I want always what is best for me at this time?”

Visioning, on the other hand, is just the opposite. In this process you becomes centered in your intuitive mind, opening to God’s ever-present inspiration and guidance, and ask that God enlighten you on some need or desire. This is a conscious act of being open to the best God has for you.

The visioning process has been around for thousands of years and, in fact, probably predates the process of affirmative prayer. It is what Ernest Holmes is referring to when he said, “True prayer must be ‘Thy will be done.’” (Science of Mind,pg. 268) Or, where he encouraged us to daily say, “Perfect God within me, Perfect Life within me, which is God, come forth into expression through me as that which I am; lead me ever into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the Good.” (Science of Mind, pg. 185)

Visioning, as we use the term, is similar to what many present-day Christian churches are calling Contemplative Prayer; and yogis, for thousands of years, have called Contemplative Meditation.

Following is a brief outline of one way for doing the Visioning process. It is simple, straightforward and enormously effective in helping you to gain clear direction for your life or the life of any endeavor in which you are involved.
● Center yourself in the silence and know that God, as love, surrounds and infuses you.
● Acknowledge the continual in-flow of Spirit expressing Itself in your consciousness as knowledge.
● Ask questions concerning that for which you are seeking knowledge, insight, inspiration or guidance.

Formulate your own personally meaningful questions or perhaps these typical questions that might be useful to you are:
●● What is the highest vision the Infinite has for (this project, event, situation, my life)?
●● What must be released to empower this vision?
●● What must be embraced or changed to empower this vision?
●● What else needs to be understood right now to manifest this vision?
●● Silently and confidently wait for the answers to come to you.
●● End your session with a short affirmative prayer and declare that the vision is already manifested.

It is useful to write down the insights, guidance and results you gain from this process, hold them in consciousness, and declare them completed. This is a simple, easy process that can help you transform your life. All you need to use it
effectively is to DO IT!

For group visioning, know:
● what you going to vision on.
● who the visioners are to be.
● who wants to vision.
● what shall be the frequency of the visioning meetings.
● what will be the follow up and implementation process.

Blessing your visioning journey,Gail

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Mary Nevin said...

love this blog!! Step 11 is one i really need some help with and this blog is definitely an answered prayer :)