There are many ways to go about doing our spiritual practices. All require the element of time. If my practice is yoga or self-mastery classes, I must take time, make time to show up. This is true of visioning. It is essential to create a space to experience a successful and satisfying time in our visioning practice. It is simple to do. I review my day to look for a natural pause in it or I can decide a time. The time of day often determines the physical space we are in. In morning we could be in the bedroom or garden, in the afternoon in the office or running errands, in the evening we could be in the den or the garage. Wherever we are at the time we decide to vision, the space should be quiet, private, and uninterrupted. We may need to ask people around us to not interrupt during this time. I have a small sign I hang on my doorknob at home or at work that says “IN SESSION”.

Once, I have set aside the time, place and feel confident that I can proceed uninterrupted in a reasonably quiet place, I can begin. Sit in a comfortable manner, have pen and paper handy (or your journal) and settle down. Set aside at least 15 minutes. Have the visioning questions close at hand.

What visioning questions? That’s next. Namaste’

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Hello everyone, thanx a lot for this blog ....... This is what I was lookinng for.