A Fresh Facet to Meditation

Let’s take a moment to consider what might be a different aspect of meditation. It’s called visioning.

I learned visioning while becoming a licensed spiritual practitioner in my spiritual community. Each month there was an open community meeting to come and vision for our spiritual center. And later I learned that each ministry at that spiritual center had its own visioning meeting. Early on I caught on that to build my own life and ministry visioning is a valuable spiritual practice.

Visioning is an opening of our spirit to be in conscious contact with the Divine Idea of whatever we are visioning about. In visioning we court the presence to catch Spirit’s idea about whatever we are seeking or exploring. Every aspect on my ministry has been created by visioning. And it is to this spiritual practice that I give credit to the diversity and success of my life work.
Is there an aspect of your life you want to sparkle and shine? Let’s take that aspect to the visioning process and watch it grow.

Tune in again soon for how to create the space for visioning.

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