What I Learned from Rabbi Yisrael Pinson

Read The Joy of Praying by Rabbi Pinson.

Joy is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when I think of prayer. This is why I love reading when Rabbi Pinson writes. What a wonderful way to look at prayer. For some reason when I think of prayer I think about the work of it and the seriousness of what I am praying about. I rarely put the connection together with the positive results of prayer. In reading this post I am once again reminded of the daily "leg work that creates such joy."

I learned from Rabbi Pinson that to get that inner joy it takes commitment and self improvement. It takes work but when done right that work will produce inner joy. I am ready to do the work!

Thank you Rabbi Yisrael Pinson for your insight on inner joy.

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Yisrael Pinson said...

u welcome. i must say that i too learned a lot from writing the piece...