What I Learned from Wolf

Read Wolf's post.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wolf's post. My favorite line "The way that is best for them." This is Wolf's respond to the questions "How must one pray?" and "How must on meditate?" Although I love much of the formality religions bring to prayer and meditation, making the connection with the God of our understanding is what is truly important.

Things I was reminded of in this post...
1. "the more frequently I pray for guidance and to express gratitude, the more residual and steadfast the serenity. The more regularly I meditate, the deeper the serenity."

2. "Ideally, we should be praying frequently throughout our day and meditation 2-3 times a day."

3. "The rewards also include a wonderful transformation of our attitudes towards life and all things. In time there are less "problems" and more serenity."

Now that I have shared with you what I have learned/relearned let's talk about how I can make use of this in my life. One of my goals for 2010 is to judge myself less. When I read things that say "The way that is best for them" it alows me to let go of those preconcieved ideas of how things should look. I can use that statement as a daily affirmation to help me judge my prayer and meditation habits without judgement. My three reminders are just that. Reaffirmations of what I should be doing and why. The rewards are amazing yet I need constant reminders to push my prayer and meditation practices to deeper levels.

Thank you Wolf for the teaching us all the Rewards and Gifts of Prayer and Meditation!

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nice post. thanks.