What I Learned From Jody K.

Read the posts of Jody K.

In Jody's post Following the Signs I keyed in on two paragraphs. The first was (5th paragraph) when Jody wrote of he simple morning prayer "God, guide my thoughts and actions. Please make me useful today." Next I zoomed in on (11th paragraph)"though I've come to the conclusion that if I listen and follow signs, I'll fall in step with God's will for me. And I'll be given the power to carry that out - in time, resources, inspiration, or whatever I might need." I identified with these actions actions. Though I may use different words I too ask God in the morning to be of service to others. Without a doubt I believe God gives me the power to carry that out. No matter how much I may drag my feet I am given what I need to be of service to others.

When reading Meditation on Being I had a LOT of nodding going on. Oh yes indeed! I loved hearing about "wordless prayer" and "Aligning myself is Harmony." How I related to all of her words describing this and had never put it to words. I especially related to how her concept of a Higher Power shifts. My concept of a Higher Power is first the God of I grew up learning about. All of the other spiritual and religious concepts I have learned since becoming sober help me understand my Higher Power on a deeper level. I learn from so many sources, so like Jody my concept of my Higher Power shifts.

How do I make use of what Jody has to offer? For me reading the words that describe what I frequently do helps me to be mindful of the action. So now when I am doing "wordless prayer" I can be mindful of it. I can practice being in the moment when taking the time to "breathe for a while." I can also make use of what Jody wrote about being given the power to carry out God's will for me. I can always always use reaffirming, after all I am only human. ;)

Thanks Jody K. for all you have offered us!

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Sugah said...

Wow, Gwen -- I'm a hundred miles away from my little altar at the moment. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of my home-away-from-home -- and for helping me to remember what I know (which seems to be what we do for each other, isn't it?).

P&L ~Jody