What I Learned From Carol Ann Preston

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When reading Pause, when agitated or doubtful... I kept thinking about Step Ten and having restraint of tongue and pen. Sure enough as I read further Carol Ann mentions this exact line. For me this was my first lesson in learning how to pause. Whenever I called my sponsor in a tizzy she would tell me to read Step Ten. I was told so many times that I really got the hang of keeping my mouth shut while "agitated or doubtful." After staying sober for some time I had to start taking it a step further. Carol Ann talks about "upon awakening." Today I wake and recite the Third Step and Seventh Step prayers. This is my first pause of the day. Before I even get started I have to pause and align my thinking.

I also love love how Carol Ann explains discipline. It is a great way to view this sometimes difficult task.

How can I make use of what Carol Ann Preston offers here? I can take these principles further into my life. Not only can I pause in the morning and when agitated or doubtful but many times a day. Pause to enjoy a smile from a child. Pause to remember to be in the moment. Pause simply to slow down.

Thanks Carol Ann Preston for your great explanation of discipline and how to "pause."

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