What I Learned From Dick B.

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In his post Alcoholics Anonymous and God I learned that "God is everything or else He is nothing. God either is, or He isn't. What was our choice to be?" I have heard my husband share this with the men he sponsors. Do I believe or not? The "choice" was and is mine to make. Choice has always played well with me. Back me into a corner with no options and I become a little skittish. Such a simple word "choice" yet it has given me such freedom. My choice was God is and with time I have come to learn and believe fully He is everything.

In his post Alcoholics Anonymous and the Lord Jesus Christ Bill W. not only turned his life and will over to the care of God but he "Handed his life over to Christ with great sincerity." It is amazing how wording can have such a huge impact on our thoughts and perceptions. Of course I knew Bill turned his life and will over. But reading the words of his wife confirmed how important taking this step is. The sincerity of it. For me that sincerity is the key to my willingness to do the rest of the steps required to get and stay sober.

So how can I make use of this in my life? For me these are reminders of questions I need to ask myself more regularly. It seems I can easily forget so much of what I am taught. So to make use of these points in my life I can regularly ask myself...

A. Is God everything or nothing? Upon answering I can then ask myself "am I applying this to my daily living?"

B. When turning my life over to God in the morning I need to ask myself "am I handing my life over with great sincerity?"

Thank you Dick B. for the powerful words you have shared with us all!

Gwen R.

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