What I Learned From Gail DeWitt

View Where Recovery and Spirituality Meet with Gail DeWitt.

I learned three main points from watching Gail's interview. Wholeness, Powerless, and Witnessing have new meanings for me.

Wholeness ~ this is being alive, awake, aware. I can remember when I had my first moment of being alive, awake and aware. It was in my first 60 days of sobriety. I was driving down the road in the summer and the sky was so blue. It was as if I had never seen the color blue before. Or never had seen the sky. I will never forget how I felt and what I thought. I kept thinking "how could I have missed this?" I was in the present moment until I started thinking!

Powerless ~ when talking about the addiction we were powerless in that state. We were powerless of our addiction when we were in it. In sobriety we are not powerless but can speak of that state of powerlessness. Having power in recovery and sharing about our powerlessness can blend and support each other.

Witnessing ~ being aware of what we are going through "without judgment."

What can I learn from Gail DeWitt? For me the biggest thing is witnessing. I would love to strive to be aware and awake without judgment. My judgments of myself are my worst enemy. This is for sure a big learning process for me.

Thanks Gail DeWitt for your spiritual wisdom!

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