Meditation and the Visioning Process

Yes, there are specific images I see consistently in meditation. Notice I did not say “images I use.” I do not look outside myself for the images when I meditate. My spiritual practice is to gently go within and as my mind becomes more still I watch the words, feelings and images that come to me in the meditation.

God has an idea of Its life as you. One of the ways we find out God’s idea about us is to meditate and watch the images that will consistently go through our minds. Those images are part of our unique, authentic expression of the divine that has Its being as you and me.

There is a process called Visioning that is highly useful to find out the images spirit has for you. Google these words “Michael Beckwith and visioning”. You will find a write up of how to begin the visioning process. Visioning is simply meditation guided by a few questions while in the meditative state. For example, while in meditation I may ask myself,

“What is God’s idea of my recovery right now?”

“What do I need to release to serve God/recovery better right now?”

“What do I need to become to serve God/sobriety better right now?

After each question journal any words, ideas and images that come before you move on to the next question. Formulate your visioning questions before you go into meditation.

As you practice visioning. You will get more intuitive about what transpires. I have found that I consistently go to a certain place in meditation and there are sounds and ideas that come to me that lead me to higher ground living on a daily basis. From visioning while in meditation I have found my authentic voice and created all aspects of Conscious Contact from that process. As a result, I have found God’s idea for my life. I know why I am here.

Living in God’s intention is rich and rewarding. Meditation gets us there. Don’t miss the journey.
Gail DeWitt www.conscious-contact.com


Gwen said...

I can frequently be bumbarded with words, thoughts and mostly ideas while meditating. I have not tried the process of asking a question first. I will have to give it a shot.

Gail said...

Yes, monkey mind is what we witness for a long while in meditation. However, support yourself and use things that quiet your senses, then gently turn within, and speak directly to the God of your own understanding.

Listen to the silence in between the monkey mind and that silence gets bigger.

What we give our attention to grows. Give your mind over to claiming stillness as you.