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October Question

The 12&12 uses the "sunlit beach" as a mental image to aid in meditation, do you have specific images that are used in your meditations?

No. I wouldn’t say that I “meditate” at all, if we are using A.A. senses-knowledge language. I study the Word a great deal. That is meditation or study or pondering as suggested in the dictionary and in Psalm 119. I pray a great deal by way of thanksgiving and praise, asking for forgiveness, asking for healing, peace, strength, and asking what God would have me do, say, and act to His glory and service. This I do in the name of Jesus Christ. See Psalm 103, John, Philippians 4, James, 1 John. I memorize and repeat a great many verses in my mind and speak about them frequently so that I will apply them in my life and keep my mind stayed on God. See Romans 12:1-2. And I operate the manifestations of the gift of the Holy Spirit. See 1 Corinthians 12, 13, 14. In dictionary parlance, all of this is “meditating.” But it is neither Oxford Group meditation, nor what Bill finally distilled into the Big Book language. I believe, however, from my research, that it very much approximates the “prayer and meditation” of early A.A. in Akron and that of Dr. Bob and Anne. They confessed Christ. They studied the Bible and particular verses. They quoted the Bible frequently when asked questions about the program and life. Dr. Bob prayed about three times each day, and the way he did so is covered in his biography. Dr. Bob and Anne both observed Quiet Time—which meant Bible study, prayer, seeking God’s guidance, and using helpful aids such as The Runner’s Bible, The Upper Room, etc.


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Gwen said...

This is my sponsors form of meditation. She is very dedicated to her readings every single morning.