Creative images during meditation

My favorite form of meditation is guided meditation using images, whether internal or external images, as these facilitate focusing my mind to become centered on God and to be still. It is in this journey toward stillness that I experience peace and oneness with Creator's Spirit.

Guided meditation is a time when I intentionally let go of the outside world and all that interferes with experiencing the still voice of Creator. The use of images is part of the process that facilitates my mind to take a journey of centering with my soul and becoming one with God's Spirit that flows through me. This is a creative way to guide my mind toward experiencing a conscious oneness with God.

I use all of my senses to support this practice. I focus my mind on my breathing and anytime my mind wanders I bring my mind back to my breath, breathing in and breathing out. If I am having a hard time mentally focusing on internal images I will light a candle and focus my attention on the flame of the candle, as this image represents the light of Christ, the light of the world, and other affirming truths of my faith. I also use scented incense as external support, as our sense of smell tells our mind that all is well and supports a relaxing experience.

I use many images, depending on the intention of the meditative experience that I have determined before I begin. I begin by sitting comfortably, breathing in and breathing out as I focus on my breathing. I say a prayer inviting God's Spirit to direct and guide this time. I then repeat words (external images) that supports my mind to focus on God; such as love, Jesus, light, wholeness, Creator, etc. As I am breathing I focus on images in my mind's eye, as my eyes are closed, and these images are part of my journey, where I want to go during this time to be with God.

Depending on how much time I have determines how many images I will use in my journey. It can range from using a few images to being very detailed. Do I want to go to the beach, or do I want to experience being with Jesus in a place that is not of this world? Depending on what I want to experience determines the images I use. Sometimes I may use sunlight as I lay on a beach with the water flowing over my feet as my mind looks deeply into the sky or the ocean. I focus on these images until I am relaxed and Jesus comes into the journey. That is a brief journey, and for me guided meditation is just that, it is a journey.

I can experience healing guided meditations, where I lay down, pray, and imagine Holy Angels surrounding me, with their hands towards my body sending forth, channeling God's healing energy toward my body. I focus on my breathing, the details of the images that come into my mind's eye and experience being still and receiving God's Love.

This can be as creative as I want it to be and as willing as I am to trust God's Spirit to guide me to a place where I can be still.

Sometimes I will use elementary forms of hypnosis, using an elevator to count down into an altered state of consciousness, and imaging myself entering a world where Jesus is waiting to walk with me. There can be a dirt path lined with flowers, a rainbow, birds in the air, a stream of water flowing beside the path we are on, as we walk toward a tree to rest under. Once we are under the tree we lean back and relax, as I enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone with Jesus.

This experience of using images can be as creative as you want it to be, and without limitation, as long as the intention is set forth before you begin. There are many creative images that one can use to 'think' about the things of God and I typically experience God through His creation, so many images that I use will include those things that have been created by God.

Many blessings to you as you journey to experience consciousness with Creator, the Spirit of the Universe. It all starts with a conscious effort of being still and directing our minds toward God and for some of us that includes the use of images that reflect God.

Carol Ann Preston


Gwen said...

One of the images I have used is Jesus swinging on a simple wood swing inside my heart. Another one is with his arms wrapped around me keeping me safe. I like you have many visuals. The most recent one I learned from the World Community For Christian Meditation. The word is ma-ra-na-tha. Broken down into those four syllables. It means come Lord. The idea is to focus on the word the same way you would your breath. Every time the mind wanders you come back to the word.

Thanks for all the great information Carol Ann!

sharonsjourney said...

This post, & Gwen's comment are so helpful to me, I'm just beginning to meditate, I have a hard time being still, quieting my mind. I knew about the breathing, but that's about it. This leaves me room to be creative, & the discipline to focus Thank you!