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Restore Me To Sanity

When I first came into the rooms of recovery I and read the words "restore me to sanity" I thought they were speaking about others. I was NOT insane! I mean really, I just needed to stop drinking. One day at a time I did not pick up a drink and around my third month of sobriety I began to really SEE the insanity of my life and more importantly my thinking.

A Power Greater Than Myself

I gladly picked up with the God of my understanding when entering sobriety. Of course the God of my understanding was from when my spiritual development dropped off at about age 6 or so. So that is what I knew. Picture book images of Jesus with lil animals and children all around. That was enough to get me started. I just needed something to believe in and I had that.

Came To Believe

Although I had the picture book image in my head of the God of my understanding I did not understand how that would work in my recovery. I had to take a leap of faith and trust in those who got sober before me. I took the suggestions and slowly came to believe how the God of my understanding would work to keep me sober.

Make Use Of What They Offer

In Randy's post I seem to focus in on his wording of FalseSelf and SpiritSelf. I learned from this a positive way to identify my thinking. It took me several years in sobriety practicing meditation techniques to learn the true depth of that FalseSelf. Randy says "There was much energy, or mud, caked around my behaviors, my old belief systems, and my thoughts patterns." This too was true for me. I may still have some mud! I am not willing to go on record as saying I am mud free as I have learned how these old patterns can show up randomly. The point is I know today I have a FalseSelf and have worked hard on the SpiritSelf that is dominately who I am today.

From Randy's post I am again reminded of the importance of a formal meditation practice even if for just three minutes a day. Having that sacred space and taking the time to be still is a loving action for my SpiritSelf. Randy said "Persevere with a little bit of effort each day begin your spiritual awakening." I have to take note of his working to use a "little bit of effort each day" because in this life I really need to make that effort. I need to be reminded regularly and that is exactly what Randy did for me.

Thank Randy F. for teaching us about the FalseSelf and the SpiritSelf and reminding to put in that effort!

Gwen R~

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mike said...

Thanks for the post.
I had the same 'sane' issue when I stepped in...I was like, "What the heck am I doing...these people are crazy. I am NOT!"
then I came to believe that a power greater than myself was at work here.