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Setting My Intentions

I was one of the lucky ones when I came into sobriety, lucky because I was ready. The pain I felt took me to my knees and I was willing to try anything. Once I stepped into the rooms of recovery I received hope, something I had not felt in a long time. My intention was set when I cried at my first meeting.

Make Use Of What They Offer

What I can take from Kevin's post is something I can use every day. Like Kevin I can set my intentions for each day in the morning after my prayers. Whatever my character defect du jour, I can set an intention to work on it for that day.

It is always a relief when a writer gives us space to be human. Kevin states in his closing paragraph that we don't always succeed. Personally I need this reinforcement to be able to let go of any unrealistic expectations on myself and my spiritual practices.

So I learned when my intentions changed in the process of my recovery and how to set my intentions for each day.

Thanks Kevin Griffin for teaching us this simple step to include in our mornings to help with Step Six.

Gwen R~

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