Step Eleven - Part 2

It’s a little before 9:00 PM on Friday the 13th and I am enjoying listening to the wind as I sit typing a few thoughts on Prayer and Meditation. Tonight I am participating in a “lock-in” @ my church with 19 adolescents and 5 other adults as a part of our J2A ( journey to adulthood ) program.

Right now there are two groups in other areas of the church and I am really enjoying a little quiet time and feel very close to my higher power a.k.a. - God…

Since embarking on this journey called “recovery” or “sobriety” my life has completely changed. One of the greatest blessings I have received is being part of a community. Giving back to others makes me feel like I am doing God’s work. Sometimes it is very difficult, other times it happens naturally.

For the past couple of weeks I have been spending 15 minutes in the early AM meditating. I brew my coffee, read through my daily meditations and then read Steps 10 + 11 out of the Big Book up to the point where is says, “ we usually conclude the of meditation with a prayer”…

While I am meditating I focus on my breathing. The lights are out and I have a candle lit. I also hold my pocket rosary in my hand and repeat some affirming phrases or a prayer. One of the results of this practice; after only a short time, is that I feel more deeply connected to the energy of the universe. My fears are generally reduced and my thoughts aren’t as jumbled. I hope to continue this practice and extend the period of time gradually and see where it leads.

Prayers seem to pop up all around me. It’s amazing if I am conscious of my surroundings how many prayers there are out there. The bible and other inspirational readings are very present in my daily travels. Some of this has to do with me going to meetings that are held in churches and some of it has to do with my daily interaction with others in recovery.

Practice, practice, practice, keeping an open mind, non-judgment of others and myself unclog the channel to this immense power that I call God. What a gift life is… and I am certain there is so much more to come beyond this physical plane that cannot be defined.

I am now going to go do a little reading and see what is in store for the rest of the night.

John R.~

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