In response to the September question...

What is your greatest spiritual flaw? What are you doing to overcome it?

Someone much wiser than me was asked once, "How do you fill a spiritual void?"
He answered gently: "With immeasurable spirit".

Perhaps my greatest spiritual flaw resides inside my apparent, still, readiness to get in my own way when all I really need to do is 'let go and let god'.

It smacks of ego and self-will, that I still entertain ideas of perfection, in that when confronted with something emotionally challenging, I often resort to thoughts of 'I can fix this' rather than thoughts of "I must feel this through to the other side".

I'm an alcoholic named Dan.

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Gwen R said...

Thanks Dan,

I can really relate to the ideas of perfection. I am getting only a little tiny bit better with it :)