"The Big Book states: "Nevertheless, we find that our thinking will, as time passes, be more and more on the plane of inspiration." (Alcoholics Anonymous page 87) What are some examples of inspiration in your thinking?"

I am inspired by my work at the World Ministry of Prayer. I pray daily with 45 to 75 people from all over the world. My thinking is inspired by each caller coming together in the safe place of affirmative prayer. Together we call forth their highest good. The love, healing and goodwill exchanged during these calls is positively life changing.

Creative leadership and expression is very inspiring. I am frequently privileged to witness creative intelligence in others and find inspiration in the ways natural leaders express their talents. I recently met a man who inspired me greatly in the first ten minutes of our conversation. I could feel the intelligence, know-how and receptivity to creative collaboration within the person and it made our ideas and conversation soar. We decided to partner and work together!

I am accepting more good to come through me. I do this in meditation. I sit and ask spirit for guidance and a larger vision of service. The expansion shows up as more money, more clients, more fun work opportunities in larger arenas than ever before. I am inspired that I can simply ask God and walk in the universal YES.

This next inspiration might sound crazy. But my thinking gets an inspirational uplift when I experience "chick in the egg" syndrome. What I mean is , when it looks like my sky is falling, when my life structures begin falling apart I affirm bigger horizons. Like the chick in the egg, I only know there are cracks and fissures in my small world. It looks and can feel bad. But what the chick doesn't know is the crack in the egg allows it to birthed into a greater experience. The chick goes from small egg world to be born into mother earth world - a whole lot larger. This is true for us, too. When the relationships, job, finances, etc. appear to be falling apart, we are coming into a larger living experience. If we focus our attention to see the good, the next highest level of our consciousness of life is born and we get to be new again ... and bigger. Bigger and better relations, more exciting work, more money to put into circulation. So let your small world fall apart and continue in spiritual practice.

Finally, stillness and quiet work for me. I just walked for 30 minutes. The entire neighborhood is freshly clean from torrential rains. No one is about. It is still and fresh and clean and quiet. My heart begins to sing and I find myself smiling. I am inspirationally nourished in stillness and quiet.

Gail DeWitt


Gwen R said...


I love your "chick in the egg" analogy. How I needed to hear/read it today at this time. I am struggling with a few things and told a friend recently I would rather go through it than not because I know from experience it will only lead to a better place.

Thank for inspiring my thinking today!

dlb said...

Like Gwen I enjoyed you Chick in the Egg analogy. Reminiscent of the caterpillar looking at the butterfly and saying, "you'll never get me up in one of those things."