Carry the Vision

My favorite time of the day is between 5:00 and 6:00A.M.; it is usually very quiet and peaceful. Recently I've found myself wanting to write during these waking minutes. My meditation process is evolving. The Big Book mentions that “we become much more”… I love that. We are becoming much more, everyday I am without a drink or a drug I feel growth.

Sitting in my home office I am surrounded by images of family, symbols of faith, and words of encouragement. Breathing in and breathing out I practice remembering. Remembering how lucky I am; how grateful I am. My son asked me if I had any books on meditation the other night, boy do I! So many books, so many options on the how and how to… One I found and read recently suggested getting quiet, closing my eyes and focusing on the “Light of the Spirit” in my heart.

“Carry the vision” are three powerful words. To me the word “carry” indicates I am doing some sort of work. “The Vision” holds even greater weight, what is this vision? Everything that is “man-made” started with a vision or an idea. That blows me away; so much of my daily life is taken for granted; power, water, food, shelter, transportation…technology. Yet, if I am asked to write a few words on prayer+meditation I sometimes send a message to myself that it’s “too difficult”!

The quiet times during my day are precious. The wonderful sunshine inspires me to do more and more with my life. Taking deep breaths I feel the Spirit of life, simple focused thoughts allow me to live inward where I connect with GOD. A bird chirping, the gentle sounds of our chimes vibrate through me… all messages from the universe that all is going to be OK.

Sharing our experiences, spreading the message of recovery and stepping out of my comfort zone continue to bring me closer to GOD and others. I am deeply thankful for the gift of this sober life. May each and every one of you embrace each day and live it to the fullest.


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