What I Learned from John R.

My favorite line from John's Step 11 post is "GOD has taught me again and again there is no hurry. AA has taught me that nothing is set in stone." What a relief these concepts can bring to me at any given time.

From his post Asking for Help my favorite line is "Practice, practice, practice. I need to ask for help EVERYDAY." Boy does that sum things up for me. When I fall down I must pick myself up, brush off my knees and try again. Over and over and over. This is just how life is. I need to ask for help because I can forget and that is when some of those negative character defects can peek through.

So how can I make use of this information?

Slow and steady wins the race is what I take from both of these posts. I am making use of this post just by reading it. It is the reminder, the help I need to remember to practice, practice, practice. By reading and responding to this post my thinking is shifting and I am getting what I need to stay sober in this moment.

Thank you John for your contribution to IOCC!

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