What I Learned from Randy F.

Read Randy's Post = Step 3

I printed this post and got out my hot pink highlighter to see what jumped out at me. I had three areas I seemed to key into ~ the self-will muscle, the science of meditation, the first step of learning how to relax our bodies.

Out of these three items the most fascinating to learn about was the science of meditation and I can make use of the self-will muscle and learning to relax our bodies.

What I learned from Randy is how powerful meditation really is. The proven science of how it can actually create new neural pathways, help heal our bodies, generate positive energy that touches every part of our body and others within 5-8 feet of us. This information alone is such encouragement to continue my path of meditation. To work hard on keeping those channels open.

How I can make use of Randy's post is to remember that "self-will muscle" and how it needs regular exercise to let go of the self-centered perspective. In practicing my meditation starting with Randy's suggestion of the first step in relaxing my body and can then move towards the exercise of the mental letting go. Letting go of the thoughts and allowing them to "float by."

Thank you Randy for helping me with my 11th Step practice!

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