What I Learned from Dick B.

I chose the post Alcoholics Anonymous History and Early A.A.'s Christian Roots to reflect on. Whenever reading a post by Dick B. I always learn a little more about the history of A.A. As a Christian I am still learning about my own religion and to hear what early Christian A.A.'s did is always of interest.

When Dick listed the parts of the program that early A.A.'s did not have to stay sober I got a slight pang of emotion. How lucky I feel to have had so many pave the way for my recovery. The abundance of meetings, the Steps and Traditions, the information at my fingertips and any time, drunkalogs online, on CDs, and of course at meetings.

So my take on this is how much more they had to rely on God. How would they have done it without? The first three got sober with God. How powerful! Information I have known but not thought of in this way.

The other thing I found very interesting is how Bill wanted to keep the line "on our knees." I get that. Once when working with a sponsee who was really struggling I tried to encourage more prayer and actually getting on her knees. The suggestion was heard although not taken. I have found that when I do get on my knees in prayer it seems to aid in my humility and deepen my connection with God. So I felt affirmed in my experience after reading that.

I can make use of this information by continuing to work on that relationship with God. To improve that conscious contact. To pray hard and hit my knees more.

Thank you Dick B. for sharing so much with us this month!

Gwen R.

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Donna said...

It seems Ive been learning more and more on the history of AA. I wasnt as interested as much a few years ago but now I am. Ive ran across Dick B.s site back in 2000 and I have learned so much and still am. I even met him at the Area Convention in Somerset NJ. I shock his hand and thanked him for all that he has done.
My sponcor also taught me to hit my knees and pray more. I need to practice hitting my knees more , thank you for the reminder!!
God Bless