May Question

Do you have a spiritual advisor of your faith?
How does this benefit your conscious contact?

As a licensed spiritual practitioner there are requirements and a code for me to follow. See
http://www.agapelive.com/index.php?page=30 and http://www.ojima.us/collective/ojimapractitioner.html. I have been at Agape since 1996 and very active in that community until now. I am now a Global Heart practitioner because my ministry goes beyond the walls of any one church. See for more information on the Global Heart: http://www.religiousscience.org/ucrs_site/globalHart_vision/index.html

One requirement is that I am active in spiritual community doing service and being served by seeing my own practitioner. My spiritual advisor is my community. Many days it is my senior minister, it is often my prayer partner, and recently it is those I collaborate with in recovery doing great community works. I accept and embrace it all.

I am blessed exceedingly well that I am in recovery and have a spiritual New Thought spiritual community http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Thought. The love I have for both recovery and spirituality and the natural synergy I find in both has changed my life. It is why I am still in recovery.

My spiritual advisors have supported me in prayer, in private sessions, in workshops, in friendship and creative collaborations. When these advisors are also in recovery it adds a sweet dimension of fellowship and good will that inspires and encourages.

In my daily walk of recovery and spirituality my two communities keep me mindful and grateful that I can choose to begin again at any moment and claim greater good for me, for you, for the planet. So I do.
Much love, Gail www.conscious-contact.com and www.MySpace.com/SpiritualPractice

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