All of us, without exception. What can you tell others that will help them get back on the track with prayer and meditation when they become complacent? How does one muster up that exertion of will?

Plugging In

The simplest of prayers is often the most effective. I still recall the moment when, with drink in hand I lifted up the most sincere prayer I had ever said; it was simply “God, please help me.” I have not had another drink or other mind altering substance since. Though I had no idea what was ahead of me, those few words must have been mighty powerful.

Length and complication are never necessary with prayer. We need only remember that what we are doing is speaking from the heart to our greatest friend and ally. In this busy world it is far too easy to forget the spiritual aspect of our recovery. In the first few years of my own recovery remembering to pray and be silent awaiting an answer was completely foreign; I had never before done such a thing, developing a new way of life requires diligent work and sometimes a little helper to just remind us of what we need in order to live in peace and harmony.
  • Place a small note to yourself on the bathroom mirror, in your car, and on your nightstand to remind you. Mine use to say, “Remember to pray dummy.”

  • Like others I become rushed from time to time. In those times it suffices to simply acknowledge to the Creator that I love and Need the power of the Divine Presence. It is not difficult nor does it take much time to plug in a lamp.

  • It is rarely difficult to pray for others who are in need and hurting. A prayer centered on the well-being of others is a tremendous connector to the Spirit of the Universe.

  • When feeling so down, so filled with the pain that is inherent in our human experience I often find the most effective prayer is to sincerely ask for guidance and power with my prayer.

Just acknowledging within our hearts and minds that God is God is at times the best we can muster. Accepting that as being enough in the moment, is adequate to connect in times of trial and tribulation.

Just plug in. That is all that is needed. Eventually remembrance of the great joy one experiences in the presence of pure love will become the motivator; eventually the thought of not having closeness with the Divine Creator will create such a profound void that the thought of not plugging in will be impossible.

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