Sense Of Belonging

The 12+12 states on page 105: "Perhaps one of the greatest rewards of meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging that comes to us". Share some examples of how this "sense of belonging" has influenced your spiritual journey.

The sense of belonging that comes from repeatedly working a program of recovery is amazing. The acceptance I found at meetings in early recovery, over time spread throughout all areas of my life – to my sense of belonging to my family, a feeling of being a capable and respected colleague at work, the joy of being with other like-minded people at the World Conference or at an out-door concert. Acceptance is circular. I feel it and give it. The sense of belonging here and now so pervades my life that the sheer gratitude for it brings me to spiritual practice. The deeper I experience my connection to life, the more deeply I appreciate it and the deeper I go in spiritual practices to express my appreciation of this gift.

I know that a person like me does not get from being drunk, addicted and shut-down to where I am today without great mental, emotional and physical healing. I find that my sense of belonging is rooted in my conscious contact to God. The pathway to that connection has been the action of the twelve steps that provide a spiritual awakening that heals what appears to be so horribly broken.

Recovery has allowed me to support others in feeling a sense of belonging by supporting them through the steps and enjoying their expanding life journey in recovery.

I remember clearly early recovery and how painful and confusing it can be. It is my passion to support others in finding freedom from addiction and to find that wonderful sense of belonging and that feeling of deep well-being every stage of recovery can bring.

Gail DeWitt www.conscious-contact.com

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