The Litmus Test

"The 11th Step mentions "knowledge of His will for us..."; how does this "knowledge" come to you? Or do you seek it out?"

Well, when I was first introduced to the program, and to the concept of making life decisions based on G_D's will, I was baffled. If I had a direct line to G_D, if I knew what G_D wanted from me, I didn't need the program! If G_D would only let me know what is expected of me, then I will surely follow His direction in every area of my life. I would lead a "perfect" spiritual lifestyle.

The truth is, that in many areas I do know G_D's will, and I can't manage to follow through... I know G_D doesn't want me to lie. I know G_D wants me to be kind to every human. I have the whole Bible, the whole Talmud, the whole Code of Jewish Law telling me precisely what G_D's will is, and I can assure you that I don't follow all of it.

I came to the conclusion that G_D's will for us is what happens to us when we have the willingness to follow through when G_D's will is known to us. Here is an example: I have a tough choice to make today: should I accept the job at this prestigious firm, or should I stay with my current employer. I pray to G_D to guide me to the right decision. I want to know G_D's will for me. But do I really want to know G_D's will? Will I really follow through if I find out?

Here is the litmus test: If I just got a phone call from G_D, and He said to me, "quit your job, but don't join the prestigious firm, I rather you be unemployed for a few years", or "I would like you to become a janitor at a public school". Now my initial reaction is to hang up and pretend I never heard any of it...

But really if I am able to accept G_D's will for me, no matter what it is, no matter if it wasn't on the menu, no matter if it wasn't one of the options that I was willing to go with, then I know that I have the willingness to follow through on G_D's will for me. Then I don't need to worry what the will is, I just need to truck along and know that G_D's will will happen in my life. Because I am ready for it.

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Gwen R said...

What an excellant example Rabbi. When I was on a meditation retreat the father who was leading said many people do not want to sit in stillness because they really are afraid of what they may hear. Of what they may be asked to do.

That really hit home for me. Sometimes I think "really?" and then I try to distract myself with other things. Only I continue to be brought back to the same place.

Thanks for your words once again.