Response By Gail DeWitt

The 11th Step mentions "knowledge of His will for us..."; how does this "knowledge" come to you? Or do you seek it out?

It is my experience that spiritual knowledge or ”His will for us” comes to us and we can seek it within. Be aware that I said within and not seek it out. The nature of addiction is that a person seeks outside him/herself to feel better or to alter their reality. It may seem like only semantics but it is not when I say to continue looking out in this manner is due to a belief that we are separate from God, Life, Universal Wisdom, or Higher Power, whatever you choose to call it.
But, I began to feel my life really soar in recovery when I began to understand that the same Creative Intelligence that moves the planets and keeps the earth tilted on its axis is the same intelligence that indwells me.

I find the knowledge of God’s will through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, taking classes, by doing service work and through creative expression.
When I am deeply in service in some manner Creative Intelligence comes to me. When I have questions, I turn within in one of the above ways and listen. From that listening I am guided to wonderful resources that not only move me forward, but supports all I am in contact with in an affirmative way.
That is how I know it is divine wisdom – the good it imparts uplifts many. The good seems to radiate outward. Another sign that it is God’s will is whatever idea comes to me, it comes replete with everything for its fulfillment in ease and grace.

Early in recovery, I checked these spiritual insights out with my sponsor or a person in long time recovery. Over time, I have come to trust the ideas, thoughts, values, beliefs and feelings that come from all the ways God’s knowledge is imparted. This knowledge is in the ethers, it is the connective membrane of life, simply waiting for us to say yes, we are receptive to it and willing to serve. When we seek in this manner be ready for the wonderful shift that will happen to you, through you and all around you. God is generous with Infinite Supply and loves to see us succeed.

Gail DeWitt http://www.conscious-contact.com/

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