What are your favorite treasures that helped you and continue to help you on your spiritual journey?

My favorite treasures (1) My oneness and union with God (2) Sheer bliss of diving (3) Intimacy of family life (4) My work in Conscious Contact (5) I go to a library almost daily. Let me say more on each of these:

Oneness – it is absolutely fascinating that when I am in spiritual practice and consciously in contact with the divine, that there is limitless supply moving through me and as me. I am awed by what creative riches flow through me at these times. Thanks Universal Creative Intelligence!

Diving – I am a PADI certified dive master. I worked as a part-time crew member for Truth Aquatics, a live-aboard dive boat company that provides diving vacations for 25 to 40 people per trip. I went diving every weekend for over 3 years, landed that dive job and then worked 3 days for a corporation and the rest of the time I was on the boat and in the Channel Islands. Diving is blissful. I love being the first one in the water at dawn and watching the sun rise 130 feet down. The night creatures are going back home and the day creatures are coming out of hiding. It is a wonderful transition to watch. When I would surface, the boat crew and our guests would be up and awake. I’d enjoy them from the water for a few moments and then climb back on board. The smell of bacon and eggs would greet me as I peeled off my dive suit and let the morning sun warm and dry my skin. The visual display of fresh fruits and juices awaited me.The quiet of the dawn dive, the sunrise, the smells of breakfast were exhilarating to me. I would work on the boat and in the water the rest of the day in total bliss from that dawn dive. I expressed that bliss as love for the other crew members, doing a good job and serving our dive guests.

Family life – For me there is nothing like the intimacy of long-time shared history that family brings. I love the acceptance, the security, the warmth and welcome of family. I enjoy the physical touch of cuddling with nieces and nephews and brothers, breaking bread together, dancing, celebrating and being under the same roof during visits. I especially enjoy walks with a sister-in-law, seeing a brother join the hall of fame, celebrating my sister’s newly built home and seeing a newly born member of the family. There’s nothing like the joy and closeness of my family.

Service to Conscious Contact – this work is God’s divine purpose for my life. All facets of it bring challenges, risk-taking, joy and prosperity. This work is a guiding light that hones focus, clarity and fresh learning daily.

County and City Libraries – are a wonderful community resource for DVDs, books, and CDs. I rent them and if I love them I add the item to my personal collection usually by purchasing on Amazon.com. I work and live within 10 minutes of 4 libraries and rotate visiting each one almost daily. The sheer amount of intelligence and creativity stored in libraries stimulates my imagination and fuels my ideas for lectures, retreats and workshops.

This is just a few examples in my recovery that reveal the wealth and riches of God to me.

Bless you on your journey. Gail DeWitt www.conscious-contact.com


dlb said...


What a marvelously rich life you have found in recovery. Becoming a Certified diver was my present to myself for my first sobriety b-day.

It has provided such wonderful memories. Love night diving (lobster season)!!!!!!

Incredible the many things we have in common besides the love for diving. Be richly blessed as you move forward with your life.


Gail said...

Yes, Dick we are truly blessed. And I am told I am just scratching the surface of all recovery has to offer. How good is that! Gail

indistinct said...

My favorite treasure is the image that my Higher Power gave me of a pair of cupped hands while I was at an addiction treatment centre. That image has become the centre of my spirituality. When I pray, when I meditate, when I feel gratitude, God's hands are there.

Gail said...

Dear Indistinct,

how lovely an image. Cupped or praying hands connect me with innocense(sp?) and humility. It is a wonderful stance to be in before the almighty. Gail

Anonymous said...

I am a newbie blogger.I just celebrated 26 years thats how old I was when I came in a homeless punk and old men with no teeth! Denise F. Boston