My Favorite Treasures

In the Twelve & Twelve it says "The world's libraries and places of worship are a treasure trove for all seekers." What are your favorite treasures that helped you and continue to help you on your spiritual journey?

In my role as the Recovery Rabbi, I get to meet one on one with recovering addicts every day. Now as y'all know there are two types or recovering addicts out there. The ones who are working on their sobriety and the ones working on their relapse (heard in a meeting - great line...). Talking to someone who is working on his relapse is emotionally draining. You try to have a conversation with a addict who is making excuses... Then there is the pain of knowing where this is all going. But I don't get to choose who knocks on my door, and I give my time and energy - to the best of my ability - to those who seek help.

Which brings me to my treasures. The addict who is working on his sobriety is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. When a person who actively works the 12 steps knocks on my door, I sight with relief. I know it's my turn to be inspired. I know that no matter how bad her day is, she will have a good insight into the situation. I know that no matter how difficult the tragedy he will talk about the spiritual message, and the uplifting other half of the cup. I know that no matter how good my day was until that point, it is is bound to get even better. Keep knocking on my door...

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Gwen R said...

Oh how true! Amazing to see it in print is a great affirmation. Twelve Step working can be so fueling at times.

Thanks for sharing with us~