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Saturday, September 8, 2007

September Question

Each of is divinely connected to the source of all life. We have our being in and as the life of pure spirit. We forget our connection with the divine and think we must struggle or do something to "be good" or "have good". The truth is our real nature is pure goodness. All that needs to take place is for each of us to release all that is not really us and just be. What we develop is our spiritual practice but our oneness is infinite and eternal and all ready done. You always have been and will be connected to God. It is who you are.

Take a moment and recall a peak positive experience you've had or something that makes you feel good. A peak experience might be giving birth, or doing something you love like woodwork, boxing, cooking, gardening. Once you find the experience or thing that makes you feel good, recall it vividly in mind- colors, sound, who was there, time of day, how you feel, etc. Notice as you do this in greater detail you actually feel those good feelings all over again. That good feeling God. You calling the experience forward is your conscious contact with God. Spirit indwells you and is available simply by you giving attention to the good. To use your mind in this way is the right use of the mind and will and can be deepened through spiritual practice.

I call the images and memories of my peak experiences "heart snapshots". I use them to support myself to be in an affirmative stance and to use my will and 5 senses in a way that supports my recovery. I call up a heart snap shot before I pray or meditate so I am resonating at a place of confidence and joy.

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Peta-de-Aztlan said...

9/23/07 ~ I got hip to this blog via Dick B.'s profile and was pleased to find it. I achieve a conscious contact with the Creator through my humane consciousness, helping other creatures of the Creator and also when I am 'in the spirit' and inspired by writing.