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Commonly known out here in cyberspace as "Sugah," origins mostly by now forgotten, my name is Jody K. I have been on this journey for a modest stack of 1,725 twenty-four hour days, impressive when I look at it until I remember what a small number that is compared to the ones spent under the thumb of King Alcohol (and the various members of his loyal court). So, that being said, I am still very new at all this, still discovering things, small truths and doing my best to apply them to my life.

I do not claim a spiritual label, though as my bio reflects, much of my sense of spirituality has sprung forth from Buddhist teachings. The primary focus of my prayer and meditation is developing compassion for all sentient beings and divorcing myself from selfish desire.

Peace & Love,
Jody K


sharonsjourney said...

I love that, 'King alcohol & the various members of his loyal court'. We are under the thumb of the members too, aren't we? Just to name a few, codependency, drug addiction, love addict, schitzo, shop aholic, self destructive, on & on goes the 'members'. So much to work on. I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, & it's not a train! As for my HP, I don't really have an understanding yet. All I know is that there is a God, & I'm not it. Just knowing there is a power greater than myself, is comforting to me. I take from many forms of faith, I think they all have basically the same message...love & respect one another. How much more simple can it get? Great post.

sharonsjourney said...

I forgot to agree with you, I believe AA is absolutely divinely inspired! I don't know alot, but I know enough about the history of AA to come to this conclusion. There's just no other way it could exist, or have been started. How awesome is that to be a part of it all?!

Anonymous said...
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